How to Build Software From Source

Did you know you can just compile software yourself instead of getting it from someone else? It's not that hard. Just kidding. Actually it is because something always goes wrong, doesn't it? Why? Why is it always going wrong? It's because you're doing it wrong. Everybody overcomplicates and overthinks it when they build things from source, and it creates unnecessary issues. If you just take the time to learn some basic concepts about building software from source, it actually goes pretty dang smoothly. And when it doesn't, it's somebody else's fault, and you can yell at them!

This talk will teach you some real world skills of building software from source, and then I'll take things in a completely different direction, by showing you how to rip apart a project's build system and replace it with the zig build system. This will make building things from source work effortlessly for more people and more platforms, as well as annoy a lot of boomers. It's going to be super fun and spicy!