Rene Schallner

Senior Researcher (AI)

Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions

Rene started programming decades ago on a Commodore C= 128 and progressed from BASIC to assembly language - by means of studying print magazines (there was no internet!).

He’s designed his own CPU and entered the telecommunications industry during the peak of the GSM boom, where he specialized in server-side programming for telco-systems. He went on to developing H.323 Voice-over-IP systems, most notably a fully redundant, distributed emergency call system for highway tunnels. After that, he moved into medical technology and focused on creating firmware for surgical navigation systems.

Not surprisingly, he became passionate about developing software that was reliable and mission-critical, as people's lives depended on it. This is why he quickly grew to love Zig.

Recently, he has been focusing on research in artificial intelligence, delving into the intersections of robotics, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction within the realm of human decision-making in markets. His objective is to enable research projects and innovative online experiments with complex user interactions that would be challenging for non-programmer researchers, requiring the aid of a systems, software, or electronics engineer.

His current position is Senior Researcher AI and Technology Lab Manager at the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (

When he gets time, he streams zig development on twitch and uploads every vod to youtube.

Oh, he's on GitHub, too 😊!