Discord Server

The conference will use the Zig SHOWTIME Discord server, where you will find a section dedicated to SYCL.

What will the server be used for?

Before the event, it will be used to have people introduce themselves and to answer questions about travel.

During the event, it will be used by the organizers to share updates about the event itself, and by attendees to self-organize in groups for outings (meals, drinks, ...). It's very useful to have a communication channel with other people when you're abroad both to solve problems (forgot to bring a charger?) and to get tips on where to eat and what to do in your free time.

After the event, the event section will stay active for a few days more in case somebody needs help returning home (or travelling across BC). After that, all event-related channels will be the deleted except the one dedicated to sharing photos. Once that is done, the Zig SHOWTIME community will be there for you to interact with until the next SYCL conference.

Why Discord and not <FOSS alternative>?

The day a FOSS alternative gets to a comparable level of reliability and UX quality, Loris will delete his Discord server in favor of a self-hosted solution with extreme pleasure.

Until then, Discord it is.

Matrix bridge

For people that really don't want to create a Discord account, a public Matrix space has been created that bridges all event-related channels from the Discord server. Be aware that, while it is expected to mostly work fine, it's a service offered on a "best effort" basis. More specifically, it relies on t2bot.io, and has two big limitations:

This second point is going to be particularly annoying because #sycl22-groups is a threads-only channel where event goers will be able to notify other members of group activities that they are planning (eg dinner somewhere), in case anybody would want to join. Threads are enforced so that multiple activities can be discussed at the same time without interference (and for better discoverability).

Invite link: